Behind the scenes of John Cena's nude Oscar stunt

Behind the scenes of John Cena's nude Oscar stunt
John Cena presents Oscar Best Costume award naked
Academy Awards 2024, ABC

The Oscars may have been and gone for another year – but talking points from the night are seemingly here to stay for the coming weeks.

One moment, in particular, saw wrestling icon John Cena present the award for Best Costume Design butt naked, birthing a host of memes and the likes of Andrew Tate offering his two cents on the snippet.

Cena appeared on the stage naked, holding nothing but a sign reading: "Costume Design."

It was to honour the "craziest moment" from the Oscars when David Niven was interrupted by a streaker during the 1974 awards.

While speaking to host Jimmy Kimmel, Cena said: "I just don’t feel right about it, it’s an elegant event, you know honestly you should feel shame right now for suggesting such a tasteless idea."

"It’s supposed to be funny," Kimmel quipped back with Cena adding: "The male body is not a joke."

Now, a video shared by Chris Garner from the Hollywood Insider offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes actions, showing how the production team pulled off Cena's nude stunt.

When the lights dimmed, four staff members rushed on stage to cover Cena with a robe to ensure his modesty was covered at all times.

Many fans were quick to speculate that surely "he had some kind of sock on," with one adding: "I doubt he was actually totally naked."

It was then that other photos surfaced online showing Cena sporting a skin-coloured undergarment.

"John Cena in a c*ck sock is NOT what i wanted to see," one person hit back, while another added: "I kinda figured he wasn't fully naked, and this confirmed it. His Birkenstocks, though, is another story."

AFP via Getty Images

Another snap showed his minimal clothing from the back, with a piece of nude material covering his bottom.

"Love the behind-the-scenes schtick. Thanks for posting," one fan responded.

It comes after Cena announced his new OnlyFans venture – with a twist.

Last month, the star challenged fans to subscribe to his account if they were "brave enough."

The link leads to an account with the name Ricky Stanicky, with fans theorising it's a stunt to promote his role in his upcoming comedy fittingly titled Ricky Stanicky.

The bio reads: "You’ve found the verified OnlyFans account for Ricky Stanicky; renowned impersonator, philanthropist, investment banker, socialite, cancer survivor and method actor. Subscribe to get SPICY pics and vids."

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