Homeless man raps for Jon Snow and people think he should get a recording contract

Getty Images/Jon Snow/Twitter

A video of a homeless man rapping for Channel 4’s Jon Snow has gone viral.

The news anchor told his followers on Twitter that he was stopped by a man on the street on Thursday.

The man, who apparently called himself Tips, asked Snow if the anchor could film him rapping for a minute.

He then delivered a couple of verses about his struggles with his mental health.

Tips’ first verse went like this:

My demons I hate, they keep me awake / They’re stealing my sane, I’m feeling the pain / It’s not a game, I feel like sleeping in front of a train / I’m chained to a cage, I stay in a rage from day to day…

The man’s heartfelt verses were widely-praised by commenters on Snow’s video, which now has almost 150,000 views on Twitter.

And they inspired some commenters to suggest that he should be given a chance to record one of his song.

One user even made a quick edit to show what Tips could sound like with an instrumental behind him.

While some people also praised Snow for taking the time to stop and speak to the man, instead of ignoring him.

Regardless of whether he gets a record deal from the video, hopefully Tips can get the help and support he needs soon.

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