Junior doctors are posting pictures to disprove The Sun's 'Moët medics' story

With the first junior doctors strike over working hours and pay due to go ahead next week, The Sun on Sunday has engaged in some fair and balanced coverage ahead of the planned industrial action:

Coining the moniker 'Moët medics', The Sun appears to have trawled through the social media profiles of campaigners and union reps who are fighting health minister Jeremy Hunt's proposed reforms to find pictures of them enjoying "lavish holidays and parties".

So to point out how ludicrous the idea that they get to not work sometimes is, junior doctors have started tweeting pictures of their everyday lives to point out how misleading The Sun's story is:




Health minister Jeremy Hunt has urged the British Medical Association to reconsider strike action in the interests of patient health, which campaigners have said is an unfair attempt to shift blame for the dispute onto staff who claim the seven-day NHS would create even more antisocial working hours for junior doctors, cut pay, and have a knock-on effect for patient care.

i100.co.uk has reached out to junior doctor and campaigner Ben White, who appears to have started the hashtag #smearthedocs, for comment.

HT: Buzzfeed News

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