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Kanye West has been spotted strolling through Trump Tower.

Donald Trump has been regularly meeting with candidates for administration positions in recent weeks at his New York building.

Meanwhile he has been grilled for his conflicts of interests between the presidency and his various business dealings with other countries.

Critics say foreign interests could seek to win favour with Mr Trump by advancing his business interests in their countries, should he not divest himself of his companies.

While Trump has only found time to tweet a lukewarm defence in keeping his children in key roles...

...he has squeezed in some time to meet with Kanye West.

CNN Politics' Tal Kopan tweeted one of the most shared images of the sighting.

If that's too blurry for you, take a gander at Kanye. In Trump Tower.


Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty

Here's the video:

Critics have made the point that Trump also regularly misses briefings with the NSA and CIA for daily intelligence updates, but found time for Yeezy.

What a time to be alive.

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