Kanye West makes controversial religious statement about Kim Kardashian's sex life

Kanye West makes controversial religious statement about Kim Kardashian's sex life
Kim Kardashian had sex in front of the fireplace to 'honour' her …
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Kanye West has made more controversial religious statements and this time aimed them at Kim Kardashian after she made a revelation about her sex life with ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Kardashian said on the most recent episode of Hulu's The Kardashians that she and Davidson had recently had sex in front of a fireplace in an odd tribute to her grandmother.

West, who officially divorced Kardashian in March 2022 claimed the he heard about the news via the celebrity gossip site TMZ before adding that it was "Jewish Zionists" that were telling the "Christian" Kardashian to put a "message" like this out in the public.

Speaking on the Drink Champs podcast the rapper, producer and fashion designer said: "We Jew so I can’t be anti-semite. First of all, I need my stadiums back. The 78 media outlets that called me an “abuser” when I was trying to get… Pete Davidson away from my kids that was tattooing my kids’ names on him, Skete.

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"Trevor Noah, not even from America, he just look Black, gonna say 'Kim, it’s gonna get dangerous', so he putting all that 'he crazy, he so OJ'… Nori just want the family back together. I just want my family back together.

"Kim is a Christian. On TMZ I just saw yesterday it said, 'Pete Davidson and Kim had sex by the fireplace to honour they grandmother'. It’s Jewish Zionists that’s about that life, that’s telling this Christian woman that has four Black children to put that out as a message in the media.

"So when I drive by and I see the Hulu ads and I see the JP [Morgan Chase] ads, I’ma let y’all know right now, the devil is a defeated foe.’"

West then went on to comment on the criticism that he had received following his latest social media outbursts.

The 45-year-old said: "‘You can’t poison me By the way, y’all already f****d with me so much you already Black Mirrored me,’ he said. ‘You already made people think I’m crazy, you already took my family away, you already separated all my friends.

"I don’t got no celebrity friends because when I was on TV, on Instagram saying I don’t know where my child is and the Kardashians kidnapped my daughter in public and I don’t have the address to my child, none of these n****s gave me the address."

West was banned from Twitter and Instagram last week after he made a series of anti-Semitic and racist remarks following criticism of the 'White Lives Matter' t-shirt that were used in his Paris Fashion Week show. He then appeared on Fox News to speak to Tucker Carlson in a lengthy interview where he took shots at Kim Kardashian, P Diddy and Lizzo.

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