Kanye West compares his Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian feud to a Marvel movie

Kanye West compares his Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian feud to a Marvel movie
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Kayne West has added more fuel to the fire of his feud with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson by sharing a meme comparing the beef to a Marvel movie.

The 44-year-old rapper posted a photoshop on Instagram where the characters from 2016's Captain America: Civil War had been replaced by famous faces including his own.

In the film, Marvel heroes square off against each other after being separated into opposing factions led by Captain America and Iron Man.

In Ye's version, he takes on the mantle of Captain America while Davidson is Iron Man. Making up the rest of West's team are his current girlfriend Julia Fox and rappers Drake, Travis Scott and Future.

Meanwhile, Davidson's team consists of Kim Kardashian, Kid Cudi, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift - all of whom West has publically fallen out with or had disagreements with, in the past.

West added in the caption: "THE INTERNET HAS STILL NOT FOUND A DECENT PICTURE OF SKETE." The name of the film to 'Kanye West: Civil War.'

It's not obvious who West is referring to here but many social media users feel it is a nickname that he has given to Davidson, who began seeing Kardashian towards the end of last year following her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

West also posted another meme asking his followers 'who will win?' featuring a photo of him with Drake against Davidson and Kid Cudi.

West has been involved in a war of words with Kid Cudi, who he has previously collaborated with, over the latter's friendship with Davidson.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, West wrote: "I JUST WANTED MY FRIEND TO HAVE MY BACK THE KNIFE JUST GOES IN DEEPER." The image featured a group photo of West and Cudi with Davidson, however the comedian's face had been crossed out.

In a hand written letter posted on Instagram West wrote: "Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda because he's friends with you know who. We all speak in Billie language now"

Cudi responded by calling West a 'dinosaur' adding that he didn't even want to be on a new album.

West is also feuding with 20-year-old Billie Eilish who he is demanding an apology from after accusing the singer of referencing the tragedy at Travis Scott's Astroworld event during a recent concert.

"Trav didn’t have any idea of what was happening when he was on stage and was very hurt by what happened and yes Trav will be with me at Coachella but now I need Billie to apologise before I perform," wrote in another deleted Instagram post.

Eilish has denied that she was criticising Scott during the incident.

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