Kanye West branded 'disrespectful' for lashing out at reporter who questioned his wife's 'free will'

Kanye West branded 'disrespectful' for lashing out at reporter who questioned his wife's 'free will'
Kanye West aggressively snatches the phone out of pap’s hand over Bianca …
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Kanye West snatched a reporter's phone after being asked whether his wife Bianca Censori had "free will."

The rapper attended a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday (29 January) to honour R&B singer Charlie Wilson.

TMZ reporter Melanie Miller approached West, saying: "Hey Kanye, how you doing, it's good to see you – people want to know if Bianca has her free will? Some people are saying you are controlling her."

Ye, who had his face completely covered, swiped the phone out of her hand and snapped back: "Why do you feel like it’s ok? I’m a human being.

"Don't come asking me that dumb-a** s***."

"I'm a person, bro," he continued and asked the reporter why she was saying "some dumb-a** disrespectful questions about my wife."

The journalist asked for her phone back, to which West said: "Answer the question - I’m supposed to answer your questions - answer my questions.


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"Are you crazy? Are you insane? This is America! Have you got free will, or do you work for the devil? You’re working for TMZ. I’m a legend, do you understand that? I’m here to support Charlie Wilson, and you come ask me some dumbass s*** about my wife.

"That’s my wife," he continued before referring to himself as a "grown-a** superhero".

He proceeded to ask Miller her name and address.

"What do you make a year? I'll pay you double what they paying you," he said before he handed the phone back.

"Now she smiling, get her a contract," he added.

Miller has since spoken out about the incident in a conversation with The TMZ Podcast.

"I was alarmed. I was like, 'Whoa, I don't see that one coming.' 'Cause I’ve interviewed him before and he never talks to me, so I’m thinking 'I’ll just see if he’ll talk to me.' It’s been very well talked about that...he won’t let Bianca have an Instagram because he’s trying to protect her. So I’m saying this is an easy opportunity for you to be like, 'Of course I’m not controlling her.' That’s all that I had going into it," she said.

"With everything that he’s done, people deserve answers to this kind of stuff," she said. "If [Bianca’s] okay with it, that’s fine. If she’s posting those photos of her and her essentially naked body on her own Instagram because she wants to, because she wants to put that out there—fine. But he’s doing it. … He has such disrespect for women," Miller continued.

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