Kate Middleton is getting shamed for her baby bump

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Kate Middleton, now Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with her third child.

Mostly, the world is bursting with excitement and support.

But as usual, social media has both encouraged and exposed the most hateful among us.

Pictures showing the duchess' first public appearance since the pregnancy announcement were posted to Instagram this week - and almost immediately, the bump-shaming began as 'concerned fans' showed up in droves.

She made it to the World Mental Health Day event despite suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which causes severe vomiting and nausea during pregnancy.

Instagram user jdkarriker wrote:

She's so thin. I hope she's doing better.

Whilst another user, meg_demarco, said:

I can't believe she's prego, she looks too thing.

An account named lady99alta mistook their own imagination for reality, writing:

She doesn't look amazing. She is an aemaciated severely manourished anorexic.

There were even doubts and misinformation about Middleton's health problems.

lady99alta cropped up again, writing:

There is no such thing as morning sickness.

Hg is caused by severe malnutrition and Vitimin deficiency. Look it up in Wikipedia.

When Catherine admits publicly she is an anorexic and has a severe eating disorders only then I will take her mental health campaign seriously.

Thankfully, most comments defended Middleton.

User thescdogmom wrote:

It is my sincere hope that EVERY SINGLE UNEDUCATED twit who is criticizing the Dutchess of Cambridge is stricken with intractable vomiting for a few days DO THEY CAN SEE what this precious woman is experiencing

And user lqj3319 shared a great point, beautifully made.

The irony of a post reflecting on Princess Kate's contribution to world mental health becoming a forum for uneducated comments from individuals who use it to criticise her body and pregnancy. 

This type of behaviour from this kind of person is part of the reason that people who have been unjustly treated this way develop mental health issues.

At least I can be reassured the Princess would never trifle herself with reading ignorant Instagram comments. 

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