Kim Kardashian asked if new photos were 'taken on a potato' as bikini snaps backfire

Kim Kardashian takes London by storm!

Kim Kardashian is a billionaire entrepreneur with her own cashmere-lined private jet, and yet fans are now starting to wonder whether her tech is up to scratch.

The KUWTKstar posted a series of photos to Instagram on Monday, but rather than fawn over her flowing blonde locks and bikini-clad physique, commentators were more focused on the quality of the shots.

“Why were these taken on a potato?” one wrote, implying that you could get a better-quality snap from a Nokia 7650 than whatever the hell she used.

The images – which show Kim posing by a sportscar, sitting backwards on a motorbike and staring into the distance – are undeniably blurry for one of social media’s biggest stars, prompting viewers to muse on why she’d share such rudimentary pics.

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“Did she get hacked or are these pictures just bad quality?” one asked.

“Are blurry pictures a new trend?” offered another.

“Did a 2005 Razr take these?” commented a third.

"Do [you] have an iPhone 4?" asked a fourth.

Meanwhile, a fifth pointed out more sensibly: “Looks like screenshots from videos." Still, we would argue that Kim's team should be able to sort sharper screengrabs than that.

Elsewhere, other Instagram users seemed to find the pictures pleasingly evocative.

“LMAO some of you weren’t around in the ’90s and it shows,” one wrote. “This is how pics would turn out back then.”

“It’s giving 2000’s internet footage,” said a second.

“It’s giving ‘droid sent to an iPhone,” joked a third.

The confusion over Kim’s photos comes amid rumours that she and her family had been snubbed from this year’s Met Gala.

It was widely reported that the Kardashian-Jenners didn’t make the guest list for the star-studded fundraiser, which takes place on 1 May, by request of Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

However, it has since been claimed that they were invited after all, with a source telling the US Sun: “Anna had wanted to do a cull of the guest list this year and make it more of an exclusive event.”

“And while lots of names were discussed, attendees have always been an ongoing conversation and nothing was ever set in stone. Kim was never told she might not be on the list.

“While invites have now officially been sent out and Kim has been confirmed, the news leak about her possibly not getting an invite did see tensions run high behind the scenes in what has been a big misunderstanding.”

We’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for her shoddy photos, too.

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