Ex-Kim Kardashian employee claims pay was so low she couldn't afford to drive to work

Ex-Kim Kardashian employee claims pay was so low she couldn't afford to drive to work
'Get your f****** ass up and work': Kim Kardashian advice to women ...

Kim Kardashian has been branded "Molly Mae part two" after her controversial comments ahead of the family's new reality show reboot.

In an interview with Varietyon International Women's Day – the 41-year-old offered some advice before complaining that "no-one wants to work these days."

Kardashian candidly said: "I have the best advice for women in business... Get your f**king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days."

"You have to surround yourself with people that want to work," the star added. "Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do because you have one life. No toxic work environments."

Inevitably, her inspiring message has since transformed into a meme, a trending sound on TikTok and has been bashed across social media.

One Twitter user took it to the next level by reminiscing on her not-so-pleasant time working for the family.

The now beauty critic unapologetically hit back at Kardashian's comments. She claimed that when she was an editor for the Kardashian apps, she worked incredibly long hours, and still, could only afford groceries from the 99 Cents Only Store.

She continued: "[I] called out "sick" more than once bc I couldn't put gas in my car to get to the office, & was reprimanded for freelancing on the side."

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The claim racked up hundreds of thousands of likes, RTs and responses, with one saying: "Rich/privileged people are really another breed. They're a whole new level of hypocrite."

"While Kim Kardashian talks about working hard, she underpays staff and also has people to take care of all aspects of her own life, from cooking to nannies," another critic said. "One person doing all these jobs herself would be working hard. She also would not be a millionaire."

A third dug up sister Khloe's patronising response from 2019. A fan said they had to work 20 hours to afford a pair of her brand's jeans.

Khloe responded and called the situation "cute."

DeFino added the "wildest thing about that job" was that she witnessed "how the most famous women in the world Frankensteined an impossible standard of beauty" and "weaponized that standard of beauty to sell products" to ordinary people.

This pushed her to want to "change the industry" after realising how "f***ed up and exploitive" that world was.

Eh, suppose we should get back to work then...

Indy100 reached out to Kim Kardashian's rep for comment.

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