It's fair to say Kim Kardashian West is better known for talking about herself rather than commentary on world affairs.

But like many people fanboying and fangirlling over Pope Francis during his visit to the US at the moment, Kim decided to share her hot take on Thursday:

Unfortunately, Argentinean entertainment news site got the wrong end of the stick and interpreted Kim's tweet literally, translating it for readers as "the Pope is drugs".

Because religion is the opium of the masses. Or something.

The site was so outraged by the idea that Kim K had thrown shade on Il Papa it sprung to his defence.

In an article titled "Did Kim Kardashian attack the Pope?" the un-bylined story noted that Argentinean Francis, the first non-European head of the Vatican in more than 1,000 years, has been accepted throughout the world as an all-round good guy for his progressive views on how the Catholic Church should operate in the modern world.

But even some one like Pope Francis can have enemies, the story says, before revealing the pontiff had been ridiculed in a "curious" tweet from the American reality TV star.

"What was Kim trying to say?" the article asks. Without doubt, it wasn't a positive message. What's your take on it?"

Most commenters were quick to point out that one Google search could have told the writer that "dope" isn't an insult. But where's the fun in that?

HT Guardian

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