Trevor Noah compares Kimberly Guilfoyle to Stormy Daniels after Trump paid her $60k to speak at rally

Trevor Noah compares Kimberly Guilfoyle to Stormy Daniels after Trump paid her $60k to speak at rally
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Trevor Noah mocked Donald Trump for paying his son's fiancé $60k to speak for a few minutes at a rally, comparing her to Stormy Daniels.

During Monday's January 6th hearing, the House Select Committee revealed Trump had used money donated by supports following the 2020 election to pay Trump allies.

Speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper chairperson Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said the committee had evidence that money from supporters went toward people in Trump's inner circle like Kimberly Guilfoyle who Lofgren said was paid "$60,000 for two and a half minutes" of speaking.

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Guilfoyle, 53, spoke at Trump's rally on January 6th rally at Ellipse moments before protesters stormed the Capitol building. According to sources, Guilfoyle spent nearly three minutes introducing her fiancé Donald Trump Jr. at the rally.

"I will say this does prove that Donald Trump is a proud feminist ally," Noah said on Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show. "Everyone's always complaining that women get paid less for more work. But Trump- no. He's doing everything to close the wage gap"

"He paid Kimberly Guilfoyle for two minutes of work, he paid Stormy Daniels for two minutes of work," Noah joked.

During Monday's hearing, the committee said Trump used funds from supporters to funnel money to Trump-allies like former chief of staff Mark Meadow's charitable foundation, Event Strategies Inc. which helped run the January 6th rally, and Turning Point Action which ultimately paid Guilfoyle for her speech.

"Politicians from every party use their campaign funds to enrich their friends," Noah said on a more serious note. "It's just that Trump does it so egregiously everyone notices."

Lofgren told Tapper she wasn't sure if the payment to Guilfoyle and other Trump-allied individuals was a crime "but it's a grift."

The committee is holding four more public hearings to reveal any information collected during their year-long investigation into January 6.

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