This woman just perfectly explained the problem with tokenism in fighting racism

One activist delivered the perfect takedown of Kansas City’s police department.

At the city's police commissioners board meeting, Keiajah "KJ" Brooks spoke out against police posing with Black children as a photo opportunity.

She began her incendiary remarks with a warning: “I’m not nice and I don’t seek to be respectable."

Brooks then proceeded to accused the police department and police chief Rick Smith for showing kindness to Black people only when it makes officers look good:

Firstly, stop using Black children as photo opportunities, because they’re cute now, but in ten years they’re black male suspects in red shirts and khaki shorts. Eating cookies and drinking milk with children does not absolve you of your complicity and denigration, Rick Smith. Kansas City will spend more on police than education and then try to encourage children to feast with their oppressors.

She really didn’t hold back, as she continued:

It’s asinine to be called radical or a homegrown terrorist for not wanting government employees to kill citizens in any instance. So I’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving black folks. You get one life and you all, in this room, have chosen profits over people, and that’s pathetic.

People responded positively to the address, and videos which captured her speech quickly went viral.

Brooks is a community organiser, activist and leader in the Kansas City Black Lives Matter movement. She also co-founded The Chingona Collective, an “intersectional organisation” of women who are “dedicated to the liberation of our peoples domestically and abroad”.

Thanks to the support Brooks has received since the video went viral, she has been able to quit her job to dedicate herself to her activist work full-time.

Is there anything more satisfying than people holding those in power accountable?

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