Kristen Stewart says she ‘doesn’t give a s**t’ about Oscar buzz for her performance in Spencer

Kristen Stewart says she ‘doesn’t give a s**t’ about Oscar buzz for her performance in Spencer

Kristen Stewart has been widely praised for her performance as Prince Diana in the film Spencer which has led to whispers that it could earn her a potential Oscar nomination - not that Stewart is fussed.

The 31-year-old had a sarcastic (and characteristically) candid response to these rumours, tellingVariety‘s Awards Circuit Podcast: “I don’t give a s**t.”

Stewart then went into detail as to why she felt this way about the prestigious Academy Awards.

“The Oscars are such a funny thing,” she continued, noting how “there are so many incredible movies and performances that barely get seen.”

She continued: “It definitely says something about where we’re at as a cumulative presence – what we’re looking at, what we care about. I really appreciate that something that I was involved in, has ignited such a large conversation. We don’t make movies to not connect with each other.”

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But that wasn’t the only revelation from the podcast. When asked why she wanted to play Princess Diana, Stewart admitted: “It wasn’t my idea.”

“I’d love to take credit for that, but Steven Knight wrote this really impeccable, oddly kinda-perfectly-constructed dream,” she explained.

In Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, Stewart plays Diana and we see her spending the entirety of the film on a three-day Christmas holiday with the royal family at Sandringham House, where she decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles.

The actor continued to describe how “it’s kind of the first time in cinematic history that we’re allowed to kind of open perspective and really take a look inside a more complicated version of what it is to live inside a female body under such scrutiny.”

Elsewhere, Stewart recently made the headlines after announcing that she is working with a friend to develop a new “gay ghost-hunting reality show” with a friend.

“Gay people love pretty things,” she told The New Yorker. “So we are aiming for a richness.”

Spencer was released in cinema on November 5.

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