Hilarious clip of Lance Reddick terrifying Eric Andre goes viral after The Wire star's death

Hilarious clip of Lance Reddick terrifying Eric Andre goes viral after The Wire star's death
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Fans of Lance Reddick are remembering the late actor through social media tributes, after hearing of his death.

On Friday, people shared their favorite clips of Reddick from his work on The Wire to his appearances on talk shows.

Reddick, aged 60, died on 17, March 2023 at his home in Los Angeles. His reps confirmed his death to Variety.

Fans in particular pointed to a clip of Reddick appearing on The Eric Andre Show where the actor managed to scare Andre by slamming his fist onto Andre’s desk.

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During the interview, which premiered in 2013, Reddick appeared to grow so frustrated with Andre’s ridiculous talk show character that he got up and slammed his fist on the desk declaring, “you need a new desk.”

Andre’s face is left in true horror, which many fans noted was the first time he seemed to break character.

“RIP Lance Reddick. One of my favourite actors and the only person to ever scare Eric Andre. Always gave the performance of his life in anything he was in from John Wick to The Wire to Fringe. He will be dearly missed,” Sofia tweeted.

“Rest in peace to Lance Reddick an incredible actor with an amazing body of work. He lent his amazing and unique voice, both literally and artistically, to many different projects and characters over his career, but I will always remember him for having my favorite Eric Andre bit,” another Twitter user wrote.

In an interview years later, Reddick revealed his appearance on The Eric Andre Show interview was slightly planned with Andre.

Andre asked Reddick to “get p**** off and walk away” but likely wasn’t expecting Reddick to slam his fist on his table.

Besides his hysterical appearance on The Eric Andre Show, Reddick was most well-known for his performance as Cedrick Daniels in The Wire from 2002 until 2008.

Reddick’s dramatic acting work was often praised, especially for his portrayal of Phillip Broyles in Fringe and Irvin Irving in Bosch.

Most recently, Reddick reprised his role of Charon in John Wick for the fourth installment, John Wick: Chapter 4 which is set to be released next week.

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