Larry David Super Bowl ad: Star appears in crypto promo to say he doesn't like crypto

Larry David Super Bowl ad: Star appears in crypto promo to say he doesn't like crypto
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Larry David hates everything.

His TV persona dislikes social engagements, Ted Danson, animals, apologizing, the holidays, and people in general.

But when he was hired to star in a Super Bowl advert for a crypto company, you might expect him to at least pretend to have some enthusiasm for the technology - given he was likely paid a truckload of cash for it.

You’d be wrong.

In a genius commercial during this year’s Super Bowl, he was seen appearing through the ages, pouring scorn on major, world-changing inventions.

FTX Super Bowl Commercial - Larry Davidwww.youtube.com

The wheel, he called “a miss”; the fork was dismissed out of hand because he’s got 10 fingers for tackling food; and he acted incredulous toward the founding fathers for thinking it was a good idea to let everyone - including ‘stupid’ people - vote.

The ad eventually cuts to the present day, when a rep from the FTX cryptocurrencies exchange shows up to say it’s a great way to get into trading.

David’s response? “Ehhhh I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff.”

The commercial closes with Mr. David rejecting FTX, and then a warning: “Don’t be like Larry. Don’t miss out on the next big thing.”

The genuinely hilarious commercial immediately lit up Twitter.

Some thought it was, by far, the best commercial of the night:

Some could only marvel at just how much he must have been paid for the gig:

Some people were actually pretty, pretty mad about it:

The New York Times reported that due to the omicron surge during filming, strict Covid-19 protocols cost $100,000 a day for the 112 actors and 134 crew members and personnel on site.

The builders had one week to erect seven sets on a giant soundstage near Los Angeles.

Larry David is a known sports fan, and recently opined on overtime rules.

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