Larry King bizarrely interrogates an actor about his ‘favourite luxury’ in resurfaced clip
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A hilarious exchange between Larry King and actor Danny Pudi has gone viral this week.

Danny Pudi – an actor best known for his work as Abed Nadir on Community – was interviewed by Larry King, the CNN show host and media personality, in February.

Pudi appeared on King’s YouTube channel to discuss his new show Ducktales as part of the press tour. Pudi was asked a series of more personal questions – basically for interesting answers – as part of the interview.

It’s gone viral this week because their exchange is bewildering – and really funny.

It started when someone posted a video from TikTok of the exchange, with Larry King asking Danny Pudi for an example of a luxury he can’t live without – and Pudi replying coffee, really good coffee.

King points out that you can get good coffee anywhere, so it’s not a luxury.

The exchange continues with King pressing Pudi – the distaste obvious on King’s face – and Pudi then saying he would be really into some good socks, and King just doesn’t like that answer either.

Eventually, Pudi asks King what he thinks he should be saying instead – and King replies, “a private plane.”

“Larry, I’m on Ducktales, and Mythic Quest,” Pudi replies. “There’s no private planes for me.”

It’s gone viral because “Larry, I’m on Ducktales” is basically catchphrase gold, and because so many people have their own favourite awkward celebrity interviews to share.

People also just thought the exchange was funny.

Other people actually agreed with Pudi and pointed out that nice socks were in fact, a luxury.

Perhaps the only thing that Larry King can do to thank Pudi for the free publicity this week is to help him get that private plane.

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