The reason this boss walked his employee down the aisle will restore your faith in humanity


Jennifer was all set to marry her girlfriend of 11 years, Sam, but there something was threatening to spoil their perfect day. Jennifer's family refused to attend the ceremony, finding fault with the fact that she was marrying a woman.

Whenever Jennifer’s father saw Sam, he would “push her out and tell her to get lost”.

In fact, for the sake of her father, Jennifer even tried to date men, and considered a fake marriage at one stage.

Jennifer works for a bank, and on the security of her job she said:

I considered it very carefully, and realised that some clients were very supportive.

In fact, the CEO, John, was so supportive of her that he offered to walk her down the aisle in place of her father.

Jennifer said:

CEO John told us not to be nervous and to walk slowly... We cried because we never thought we would make it this far.

Taiwan is tantalisingly close to legalising same-sex marriage, after a legislative committee approved a marriage equality bill on 26 December 2016.

You can watch the entire video, below:

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