Logan Paul reveals the 16 qualities he looks for in a girlfriend

Controversial YouTuber-turned amateur boxerLogan Paul has revealed a list of 16 different qualities he wants in a potential girlfriend.

Before his exhibition match with former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr on Sunday, the 26-year-old spoke in an interview with The Times about his love life and his ideal girlfriend.

Paul described himself as a “hopeless romantic” who “may never find love”, despite him having a page on his notes app dedicated to the 16 qualities he’s looking for in a woman.

Under the note titled “Girlfriend Qualities”, he listed them as: “Wit. Confidence. Intelligence. Opinionated. Empathetic. Self-aware. Active listener. Sexual deviant. Talented. Worldly. Foresight. Insightful. Attractive. Curious.

“And, most importantly of all, not a f***ing lunatic.”

Paul believes he has most of those qualities himself and admitted it may be an unrealistic way to look for a potential partner.

He continued: “I’m starting to think this list is unrealistic. Do you think this person exists?

“I’ve probably got 90-95 per cent of this list. Ironically, the one I probably haven’t mastered is ‘not a f***ing lunatic’.”

Paul also spoke about wanting kids, saying: “[I want] Two boys, one girl. The girl is gonna be the youngest so her brothers will protect her.

YouTube personality Logan Paul and his brother Jake both forged their careers through the internet.

Logan has been involved in a number of controversies over his career and has had the monetisation of his YouTube channel, which currently has 23.1 million subscribers, suspended in the past.

In 2017, he received heavy criticism for featuring footage of a deceased male in Japan’s so-called “suicide forest” in a vlog on his channel.

The video was widely condemned and Paul made an apology statement on Twitter saying he was “misguided by shock and awe”.

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