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Are people in London rude?

This debate has popped its ugly head online again and taken a tense, but hilarious, turn as social media users try to settle the matter. So much so that "Londoners" was trending on Twitter on Tuesday (August 4).

It first began when people who have visited London in the past started ganging up together to declare that people from the capital lack manners.

Some people said that Londoners are cold and do not engage in conversation with each other in public.

This, of course, brought the Londoners out in full force. Many defended themselves because, why on earth do they need to be polite if they are just minding their own business, they asked?

On the other hand, some Londoners took the “so what?” approach. We love honesty, even when it is ironic.

Some even asked their critics what they expected from people who live in a packed and busy city that is notoriously overpriced.

It all began with complaints like the following:

Some people even helped defend 'rude' Londoners. Apparently, they like it:

And then Londoners arrived on the scene with their near-perfect clapbacks:

And of course, some Londoners couldn't care less. Ooops:

The jury is out. Are Londoners rude? Or are they simply minding their own business?

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