Lots of people are angry at this Daily Mail Kate Middleton front page

Lots of people are angry at this Daily Mail Kate Middleton front page

The Daily Mail ran three stories on the front of its Monday morning edition. The main headline refers to David Cameron's "retreat" over a series of policies and another at the top of the page on "Why do women's busts get bigger in middle age".

That second headline has not attracted that much anger, however, perhaps because of a third which shows a close-up picture of the Duchess of Cambridge with the words - "feeling the Xmas strain, are you Kate?"

The headline invites the reader to turn to page three where Sarah Vine, columnist and wife of justice secretary Michael Gove, proceeds to unpick the Duchess' appearance line by line.

As well as quoting some "unkind" online critics who suggested Middleton looked "closer to 40 than 30", Vine described her look as "hair scraped into an updo and her eyes puffy and lined" before asking whether her busy royal schedule should be pared back, noting how difficult it must be to be constantly "in the full glare of the cameras..."

Readers were quick to point out their distaste with the front page:

Some questioned whether it was really newsworthy:

Some pointed out the hypocrisy of feeling sorry for the Duchess being under constant media scrutiny... while putting her under scrutiny:

And imagined some other possible headlines for the day's paper:

JK Rowling even favourited this Harry Potter-themed criticism:

Others were a bit more sweary in their criticism:

Meanwhile, over at the Telegraph...

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