Louis Theroux had people swooning on social media after posting a “thirst trap” topless photo to his Instagram.

On Thursday, the author and documentary filmmaker posted the snap, which appeared to show him in his kitchen after he worked out.

“As the future looks uncertain again, it’s important to look after your physical and mental health. I just did the Joe Wicks 15 minute Bondi Beach workout on YouTube and I already feel a million times better. Take care of yourselves,” his caption read.

Not too long after the post, he received a bunch of comments from steamed-up followers.

“Louis Therouxst Trap!” wrote musical artist Briggs.

“Helping the ladies get Theroux another Covid Christmas!” another added.

A third wrote: “The photo we’ve all been waiting for.”

Once the photo made it to Twitter, a whole new conversation erupted.

“Did not have Louis Theroux posting thirst traps on insta on my 2021 bingo list,” wrote Mollie Goodfellow on the platform.

“I have never opened Instagram so fast,” someone else added.

One overjoyed person said: “Opened Instagram this morning and the first thing I see is a sweaty, half-naked selfie from Louis Theroux. No one is immune to the allure of a thirst trap, it seems.”

Check out some other reactions below.

In November, Theroux penned an iconic and lengthy book review of his latest book  Theroux The Keyhole on Amazon.

According to Amazon, that featured a “heartwarming” diary that details the “weirdness of family life in Covid world.”

He also spoke about his podcast Grounded and his documentary with the Tiger King, Joe Exotic.

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