A 13-year-old boy has created a closet of clothes for his school mates to wear so that those who are underprivileged still have a nice wardrobe to choose from.

Chase Neyland-Square, a student at Port Allen Middle School in Port Allen, Louisiana, decided he wanted to help those who were less fortunate than himself, so he had the idea of launching 'PAM's pantry', which saw him gather shoes, hygiene products, and school supplies, before the headteacher hands them out to children who are in need.

According to WAFB 9News, the Pantry is full of clothes hanging on two racks, with more bags placed along the walls, reports UniLad. The clothes are reportedly donated, before being handed out to children who are in need.

Speaking to the network, Chase said:

I know that everybody doesn’t have things and I’m fortunate to have things that other people don’t have, and I look at it as sometimes, how would I feel in that situation?

They had a family, a Port Allen family who suffered from a fire, so they came in and got a whole new closet full of clothes.

PAM's pantry reportedly came about as a result of the Student Program for Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge, allowing students to come up with ideas, before they figure out how to implement them.

Commenting on the project, the principle Jessica Major said:

We ask them what they want to do to make the school better and through that, we have changed drastically some of the things that we do here at Port Allen Middle School.

13-year-old Chase's community spirit doesn't stop with his school. His mum says that he also hosts dinners for senior citizens, and that he's also donated 700 pairs of socks to the homeless.

Speaking to Good Morning America about the project, Chase said that he had a 'heart for giving', adding that:

It makes me feel good because I know I can make a difference in my school.

Well done Chase, you're doing absolutely great!

HT UniLad

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