People are sharing the most moving, insightful and important lessons they learnt from being in love

Sometimes on a rainy day we all need a little pick-me-up.

While Twitter may not be the obvious place to head for some light relief, every now and then it really does come through.

Writer and content creator Toni Tone asked her followers yesterday to tell her what they've learnt from being in love.

The tweet has hundreds of replies from across the world, with people sharing their experiences, both positive and negative but mostly very very relatable.

Lots were inspiring to people who may be struggling, especially given the strain recent world events may have put on people's relationships.

And a reminder that IRL love doesn't always look the way it does in fairy tales... fact, love can take many forms.

Some were bittersweet.

Others might really make you think.

Lots advocated for self-love too, which we could all probably use a reminder of.

And there were lots of lessons in humility.

There were many splinter discussions too, about the nature of love, what it really means and why it can manifest so differently.

You can read the full thread here (it's long, so make yourself a cup of tea), and Toni has been retweeting some of the answers too, so check out her profile here.

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