'Disturbing' clip sees Madison Cawthorn eat the heart of an animal he just shot

'Disturbing' clip sees Madison Cawthorn eat the heart of an animal he just shot
'I will follow this man until the day I die': Madison Cawthorn …

Former North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn decided to indulge in the raw heart of an animal he shot and shared a video of him doing so with the world.

Sunday night, Cawthorn, 27, posted a video and photos to his Instagram page, raving about a hunting trip he had with the organization Disabled Outdoorsmen USA, Inc in the Sexton Mountain region of Oregon.

The organization aims to support men with disabilities go hunting and fishing.

“Normally we contract the killing of food out to the grocery store hitmen, but it’s always good to remember where it all comes from and practice those essential life skills,” Cawthorn wrote.

“You feel so limited and powerless as you’re going through rehab, but getting to go out into God’s creation with good men and do activities you love is so healing,” he added.

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In two photos he posed with what appeared to be an antelope he killed on the hunting trip. But most alarming was the video he posted of himself eating the heart of the animal.

In the video, he says, “We disintegrated the heart with the shot, which is good for the animal because we don’t want it to suffer but we got a little bit left in here so let’s get right in there.”

Taking a bite from the heart, he claims it is “actually really good.”

You can see the video here but be warned it is graphic.

People on social media responded to the video with concern and disgust, believing it to be unsanitary to eat raw animal organs.



"I support this guy I like him but… this is gross," an Instagram commenter wrote.

"It's probably not best to be eating raw intestines from freshly killed animals," another person commented.

Another commenter said, "I’ll never understand eating the heart or drinking the blood like that. What ever parasite they had now you have."



Eating raw meat runs the risk of a person developing an illness like toxoplasmosis, E. coli, chronic wasting disease, salmonella, and more.

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