Barbecues, parades, maybe even fireworks – these are the ways in which most Americans celebrate the Fourth of July.

Not so if you are one of the richest men in the world, it appears, as Mark Zuckerberg proved by showing his patriotism in a rather more… unique way.

The Facebook CEO posted a video to social media to mark Independence Day in his own style.

The clip shows him clutching a large Star-Spangled Banner as he glides across a lake at sunset atop an electric surfboard.

He barely flinches, barely changes expression, as he hops and bounces amid the waves while John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ plays in the background.

Understandably, the footage has been met with a mix of delight, bewilderment and horror online, with one viewer branding it: “The stuff meme dreams are made of.”

“Zuck” – as he refers to himself on Instagram and Facebook – originally posted his “Happy July 4th” homage to the two platforms he owns but it inevitably made its way onto Twitter.

Here’s how users responded:

It’s not the first time the tech billionaire has made headlines with his bizarre brand of personal content.

He previously got burned on Twitter for caking his face in sun cream during another surfing trip (no flag that time).

And last month he bragged of a “very particular set of skills…” – slow motion spear-throwing.

All we can say is Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

We’re excited to see what he comes up with for Christmas...

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