Matt Lucas reveals he’s now a dual Germany citizen after calling Brexit ‘pointless and masochistic’

Matt Lucas has said he is now a dual UK and German citizen.

Writing on Twitter, the comedian and Great British Bake Off host celebrated his citizenship and said he had been given gummy bears and a badge when he picked up his paperwork.

It comes after Germany changed rules making it easier for descendants of those who fled Nazi persecution to obtain citizenship, closing loopholes that had prevented people stripped of their citizenship on political, racial or religious grounds and their descendants from having it restored.

Lucas has explained that he was eligible for citizenship because his grandmother escaped Berlin in 1938 due to Nazi persecution over their Jewish heritage.

He said that he had applied for it and that the naturalisation process had taken about six months.

While he didn’t share a reason for getting the citizenship, he previously shared an anti-Brexit article by The Guardian and branded the UK’s deal with the EU “pointless and masochistic”.

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Upon getting his citizenship, he added: “Now to choose a German football team.”

Responding to his news, people including fellow actor Larry Lamb congratulated Lucas:

Meanwhile, various German football teams vied for his attention:

Good for him!

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