Michelle Obama just made this nine-year-old girl's day

Getty Images / JIM YOUNG / Contributor

Evidence that Michelle Obama is the best human being continues to mount.

On Monday, a proud mother tweeted a picture of her nine-year-old daughter who went to school dressed as Mrs Obama.

The young girl, named Alexandra, wore a blue dress and struck a similar pose to the former First Lady for her third grade Open House project.

There are worse role models to have, we suppose.

Anyway, Obama – being the beacon of hope and light and inspiration that she is – saw the tweet and gave it a First Lady seal of approval.

Alexandra's mum went on to reveal the impact Obama's words had on her daughter.

Alexandra is so overwhelmed with all the positive attention.

She got so teary-eyed when she read Mrs Obama's reply. 

She couldn't believe that she would write something to her. Dreams come true baby girl!

Did anyone say Obama 2020?

The former First Lady also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for her first television interview since her husband left office, and finally revealed what was in the Tiffany box given to her by Melania Trump at Donnie's inauguration. Turns out it wasn't all of the world's evils, which is nice.

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