Twitter calls out 19-year-old couple for lying about buying a house
Getty iStock/ Twitter/ Jacob Ober

As ever more millennials struggle to afford rent, let alone save towards a mortgage, one young couple seemed to buck the trend.

Nineteen-year-old Jacob Obers from Ohio posted a photo on Twitter of him and his girlfriend Ana Bradley in front of the house they said they’d bought together.

But people on Twitter weren't buying their story.

Comedian Mike Mulloy was one of the first to call the couple out, claiming that a realty record showed the house was actually bought by Jacob’s dad.

Other people soon chimed in with their thoughts.

Then in a dramatic plot twist, Jacob revealed that the couple had actually posed in front of a public venue and did not own a house.

And it also turned out that comedian Mike had lied about buying the realty record to try and catch the couple out.

In the end, Jacob and Anna tried to claim that the original post was just a joke, saying:

"1. this is a joke so he isn’t coming clean 2. no one bought a house so y’all aren’t roasting us lol 3. jacob and i could care less about twitter “fame” and 4. twitter is for the laughs so let’s keep it that way plz n thx"

Nice try.

This article was originally published in December 2018.

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