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A mother was in for the shock of her life when she walked in on her daycare nanny breastfeeding her child, despite having asked for it to be bottle fed only.

In a letter published in Dear Prudie, an advice column by Slate'sDaniel Mallory Ortberg, an anonymous mother – who bottle feeds – told of the disturbing incident of finding her daycare provider secretly breastfeeding her infant.

The single mother, who adopted the child, was unable to lactate naturally and had been feeding her child formula instead.

I am a single mother of an adopted baby, and I am opting to formula-feed since I can’t lactate.

I am a working mom as well, and found a home day care provider who seemed amazing —she has two kids of her own (one a little older than my daughter) and has run this home day care for five years or so. 

At the onset of the meeting, the mother noticed that something was strange but ended up not thinking anything of it.

The only bump in the road was on the first day when I pulled out the formula and bottles, and she wrinkled her nose and said, “You feed her that slop?” I ignored the barb (I’m used to it), gave a quick rundown, and went on my way.

But then several months later, when the mother walked into the daycare centre through a side door, she stumbled upon what had been happening behind her back all along. The provider, who was a mother herself, was nursing her baby.

I marched over, took the baby from her arms, and asked her if she was crazy.

The provider said that she was saving my baby from chemicals I was trying to force into her body and I should thank her for doing it all these months! I didn’t say anything; I just grabbed the diaper bag and got the hell out of there.

Anyone who is familiar with the breastfeeding versus bottle feeding debate will know how heated it can get, but this is a violation of a whole new level.

Ortberg's response was complete and utter shock, advising the woman to immediately report the case to the police:

Oh my GOD. That is my first thought, is just: Oh, my GOD. If this isn’t worth reporting her to a supervising agency, I don’t know what is. 

This is a huge breach of trust, a total violation, and absolutely worth reporting. 

Not only did the columnist find the story appalling, but other women on social media had to chime in too, advising the mother on what to do.

One commented:

Ew! I don’t care what you choose to do, formula or breast feed, but what you won’t get to do is choose for someone else.

Another added:

What she did was wrong on so many levels.

A third said:

Report her and the day care provider if separate. Find a new place. That is creepy.

And while the fight between "breast is best" and "formula is fine" rages on, this woman would have hopefully filed a police report by now.

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