MrBeast responds to being called a 'scumbag' for 'helping 1,000 deaf people to hear'

MrBeast responds to being called a 'scumbag' for 'helping 1,000 deaf people to hear'
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MrBeast has offered a seven-word riposte to critics of his latest high-profile stunt.

The world’s biggest YouTuber published his latest video on Saturday, having admitted beforehand that he’d gone “all out” on this one.

The new offering had nothing to do with the day’s other big event (sorry, King Charles), and instead saw him “help 1,000 deaf people to hear”.

The six-minute clip, which racked up 36 million views on YouTube alone in just two days, saw MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) give groundbreaking hearing aids to his subjects and filming their stunned reactions as the devices were turned on.

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He explained in a voiceover: “We got our hands on over $3 million worth of cutting-edge hearing technology, that, unlike old hearing aids, analyses people's specific hearing needs, allowing them to hear again without causing any damage.”

1,000 Deaf People Hear For The First Timeyoutu.be

However, his exploits have been considered extremely damaging to countless viewers who have accused him of producing little more than harmful “inspiration porn”.

The backlash faced by the 25-year-old has been intense, with one deaf Twitter user writing: “I hate how he's turning my disability into clout and attention for his ‘fans’ and his channel.

“If you truly care about deaf people, then you should do this without any cameras around you and give your money to charities for deaf people.”

But it wasn’t until one commentator wrote: “The way this scumbag just ‘does good for people’ really rubs me the wrong way,” that Donaldson responded.

He wrote back simply: “I’m sorry, I just like helping people.”

The author of the “scumbag” message then swiftly clarified: “I was mocking the people that always hate on you, sorry if this seemed real.”

And indeed, despite the criticism and “hate”, MrBeast has received an endless stream of praise for his philanthropic act, including from Elon Musk.

The world’s on-off richest man weighed in on the debate after journalist Ed Krassenstein tweeted: “It amazes me that MrBeast can give 1,000 people their hearing back, and instead of asking why the heck the US healthcare system didn't do this 15 years ago, Americans are attacking MrBeast.”

Musk replied: “People definitely shouldn’t be attacked for doing good. Is it really just a question of money to restore hearing?

“I’m always looking [for] ways to donate money that are actually good. Perhaps this is one.

“It is very hard to donate money if you [care] about it doing actual good, not merely the appearance of it.”

One burning question remains now that Donaldson has "helped" the blind to see and the deaf to hear...

Whatever will he come up with next?

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