Why MrBeast is suing the company that make his own burgers

Why MrBeast is suing the company that make his own burgers
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MrBeast has confirmed that he is suing the company behind his burgers over quality control complaints, while also claiming not to have received payments.

The YouTube star partnered with Virtual Dining Concepts back in 2020 to launch a chain of “ghost kitchens” which would act as “virtual restaurants” producing MrBeast Burgers.

MrBeast, real name James Donaldson, is now taking legal action after the virtual chain was hit with complaints from users, Bloomberg reports.

The lawsuit refers to the negative feedback from customers, reading: “Customers have referred to the burgers as being ‘disgusting’, ‘revolting,’ and ‘inedible'.”

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“There are thousands of negative reviews, articles, and comments from people who are deeply disappointed by the fact that MrBeast would put his name on this product.”

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It continues: “Because the entire business is based on the tremendous global value of the MrBeast brand, it is MrBeast himself, and not Virtual Dining Concepts, who has borne the brunt of the (justified) attacks and criticisms.”

The lawsuit also claims that MrBeast has not received payments.

“To be clear, while this business has made millions of dollars, MrBeast has not received a dime,” it claims.

MrBeast also responded to a user on Twitter who was unhappy with their experience ordering the burger by saying: “It’s impossible to guarantee the quality of orders with virtual restaurants. Hurts my soul to see orders messed up. Sadly I can’t get out of my deal with [MrBeast Burger]”, he said.

“Hence why I’m never giving up control of Feastables so I can always do what’s best for my fans. Harsh lesson to learn.”

Links to negative reviews and comments from customers are also included in the lawsuit.

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