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Imagine the situation: You're going on your honeymoon and are desperately looking for someone to look after your London flat.

Thankfully, your friend steps in. How do you repay her? Well, if you're anything like this couple, not by a card, chocolate or flowers - nope, you would charge her £300 for the favour.

The disgruntled flat-sitter took to Mumsnet to complain. She didn't eat their food or drink their wine, only watching television and firing up the computer once to complete a learning module. She wrote:

I cleaned before I left and changed their sheets for them. I left milk and fresh bread and a note saying thanks!

She added:

This morning I got a message to say 'thanks for looking after the place. Alright if we ask for a donation to cover a few bills? £300 okay?'

Her post has amassed hundreds of outraged comments. One user suggested billing them £300 for house-sitting services, while another called the situation "completely ridiculous".

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