Simran Jeet Singh/ Twitter

A series of snaps of a Sikh man wearing a turban are being used as an archetype of Islamophobia.

The photos were posted on Twitter by a Sikh activist after Snapchats featuring candid images of an older man with captions implying he was a terrorist went viral

The first image shows a red circle around the man. It reads: 'Never mind I might not make it to Indy'

A next reads: update I'm still alive'

SnapchatPicture: Snapchat Simran Jeet Singh/ Twitter

And: 'please god just let the man sleep'

SnapchatPicture: Snapchat Simran Jeet Singh/ Twitter

The images were shared by Dr Simran Singh, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion at Trinity University.

Dr Singh wrote on Twitter:

This series of snaps should give you a sense of what it’s like for anyone who appears to be Muslim to travel by plane.

Twitter users first pointed out something painfully obvious:

The man in question is not a Muslim, he’s Sikh.

The detail of the man's faith was quickly rendered unimportant as Twitter users rallied against the “open racism and bigotry” behind the assumption that he was a Muslim.

Others pointed out the racist element of the snaps:

The Sikh community have been forced to defend themselves against Islamophobic attacks previously.

In California, a Sikh house of worship was vandalised with graffiti phrases like ‘F*** ISIS,’ and in Chicago, a Sikh man was once assaulted after being called ‘bin Laden’.

Islamophobic hate crimes jumped fivefold in the UK following the London Bridge terror attack.

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