When she was tweeted Islamophobia, Nadiya Hussain had the perfect response

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Nadiya Hussain, the 2015 Winner of the Great British Bake Off had a showstopper response to one of her critics.

On Sunday, Hussain and her family appeared in the property section of the Sunday Times magazine.

An image from the story was shared on the Sunday Times Home Twitter account.

Twitter user Nick Zen passed comment on the head covering warn by Hussain.

Why doesn't the man have heavy fabric tightly wrapped around his head and neck.

Hussain has been wearing a headscarf since she was 14-years-old.

In 2016 she told the Sunday Timesthat after her Dad gave her a poor quality hair cut, and she chose to hide it beneath the headscarf.

[The scarf was] probably to cover up my bad hair more than anything else. He cut it really badly...

It wasn’t easy for them, I have to admit. I was the only child in my school wearing a headscarf. My mum said: ‘What’s wrong with her? Why does she want to cover her hair?’

And I said: ‘Well, I don’t care what society thinks, I wear it because I want to.’ 

Shortly after Nick Zen's comments on Sunday, Hussain cheekily responded:

I don't think that pink would suit my husbamd.

The answer pleased the people of the internet:

See ya Nick Zen.

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