Unwitting reporter’s basketball fail has the internet in stitches

Unwitting reporter’s basketball fail has the internet in stitches

Sportsmen and women know the pressure of taking that all important shot – and the crushing disappointment when it fails by just a whisker.

This was a feeling lost on a Florida news reporter, however, as she shot a hoop live on air at a basketball tournament.

WMBBTV News 13 presenter Anna Hoffman was covering the National Collegiate Athletic Association‘s annual event – known as March Madness – when she made her brave attempt.

The ball flew straight and rolled along the hoop, leaving Hoffman convinced she’d nailed it.

Raising her arms in stunned triumph as she turned towards the camera, in the background the ball could be seen continuing its loop before falling unceremoniously to the ground. No goal.

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Her premature celebration was met with a high-five from her companion, who told her “great job” as she reclaimed the microphone saying: “Well, I made it!”

Her endearing ignorance has delighted Twitter users, with the clip receiving more than 14,000 likes and more than 4.9 million views since Monday.

Many fans pointed to the man who failed to tell her the shot was a miss:

Sport’s journalist Grant Paulsen responded by asking Hoffman: “When did you find out you hadn’t made it?”

She replied: “Not until I heard the anchor say “great job Anna you almost made that shot” so basically wayyyy after my celebration.”

The reporter has since made light of the situation, insisting it was “so much fun despite the turn out!”

In another post she added: “We knew back in college basketball wasn’t my thing... I guess I still had some hope.”

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