Nigel Farage is angry about the new alcohol guidelines and has called for a 'mass protest'

It was only a matter of time until Nigel Farage found himself a new cause to get behind.

At least it's a slightly less objectionable one this time around. No longer bleating about how everything is the fault of immigrants or the EU, the Ukip leader is urging a mass protest at the government's new alcohol guidance.

The new regulations mean that the recommended allowance has been reduced and health officials now say there is no such thing as a safe level of drinking.

Farage has taken umbrage to the idea that we shouldn't enjoy a drink, whether "it shortens our lives or not." Farage, who has previously been vocal in his distaste for government regulations, is suggesting that we take action, telling LBC radio:

I think what we ought to do is have a mass protest against this form of nannying and we should all come out at lunch and have a glass of something.

A boozy lunch is a long way from what the government is now recommending: they're saying that if you drink it should be moderately over three or more days and that some days should be alcohol-free. We're definitely not supposed to "save up" their and drink them all in one or two goes and apparently.

Shockingly Farage didn't find a way to pin the new health guidance on immigration or the EU. Try harder, Nige.

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