Noah Schnapp seen promoting 'Hamas is Isis' message in video

Noah Schnapp seen promoting 'Hamas is Isis' message in video

Noah Schnapp seen promoting 'Hamas is Isis' message in video

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Actor Noah Schnapp has been seen promoting 'Hamas is Isis' and 'Zionism is sexy' stickers.

Schnapp, who is Jewish, posted a statement to Instagram back in October saying he was "afraid" after the attacks by Hamas. Writing "you either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism".

On October 7 Hamas carried out an attack where they entered Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, killing more than 1,400 people.

Since then Israel have launched out a counter military campaign, with Palestinian officials saying more than 10,000 people have been killed in Gaza. As a result, waves of 'Free Palestine' marches have occurred worldwide.

Zionism is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as "a political movement that had as its original aim the creation of a country for Jewish people, and that now supports the state of Israel".

Schnapp was tagged in what appears to be an Instagram story whilst he and his friends hold up the stickers smiling and laughing in a restaurant.

Many on Twitter/X have been sharing the video with their views. With some saying his blatant sharing of views contradicts with his claim of being afraid.

Others compared Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid losing jobs for supporting Palestine whilst Schnapp and other Israel supporters such as Amy Schumer, do not.

Many also called on the boycotting of season 5 of Stranger Things, the show where Schnapp made his name:

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