Olivia Rodrigo sparks debate over her Chipotle card that gives her free food

Olivia Rodrigo sparks debate over her Chipotle card that gives her free food
Olivia Rodrigo performs at a show in London with Natalie Imbruglia

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo appears to have a Chipotle card that gives her free food - and it’s caused a debate online.

Rodrigo took to her Instagram Story to feature the card that grants her free food from the chain for a year.

She dubbed the card her “prized possession” in a screenshot highlighted on TikTok. Her name is also on the card.

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The post does appear to be old, as some people posted about it in 2021.

But recently, TikToker @tallneil made a video discussing the musician’s card, noting that she “does not pay for Chipotle.”

“She has what’s called a Chipotle Celebrity Card. It’s personalized, and it means that she can go into Chipotle whenever she wants, and she does not pay,” the creator said in the video.

He also said that it isn’t something you can apply for or buy.

“It’s just a perk for being famous.”


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The creator also claimed that other celebrities have the same card, but it comes with a “catch.”

“You get unlimited Chipotle not for life, but for one year. It expires after a year,” he said before explaining a “cautionary tale” of the American Airlines Airpass, which gave people a lifetime of unlimited flights.

“And American Airlines lost so much money from it they had to discontinue it, and there was a huge lawsuit. So Chipotle learned from their mistakes and made their card expire after a year.”

In a report from Sports Business Journal, Chipotle sent the cards to celebrities who positively and publicly spoke about the restaurant.

The whole idea is that celebrities will help bring exposure to the companies while gaining free things.

The idea is that celebrities will bring positive exposure to the companies in exchange for the free stuff.

“We think our food sells itself, and that’s one of the things that enables our word-of-mouth marketing,” Joe Stupp, the then-Chipotle social media manager, reportedly told Sports Business Journal in 2013 about the card.

People who saw @tallneil’s post expressed their dislike for those who could, without issue, feed themselves at fast food chains and get benefits.

One wrote: “Crazy how we give so much to people who already have more than enough.”

“It rubs me the wrong way that famous rich people get things for free so often like they don’t need it,” another added.

A third wrote: “It’s so funny how rich people just get richer and richer cause they get free stuff!!! HAHA!!”

Someone else had a theory about celebrity wealth and added:” This is why I keep saying, celebrities don’t make nearly as much as people think; they’re just GIVEN stuff, so it seems like they’re rich.”

Chipotle isn’t the only one food chain that has offered up unlimited free food to celebrities.

Actor Colin Farrell, a fan of the Irish Kebab franchise Abrekebabra, revealed to Jimmy Kimmel in a 2020 interview that he received the company’s first-ever Black Card, which gave him access to getting food without ever having to pay.

Indy100 reached out to Olivia Rodrigo’s team via email.

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