People keep turning up at this sex shop in Plymouth because it's a Pokémon Go gym

People keep turning up at this sex shop in Plymouth because it's a Pokémon Go gym

There are only two types of people in the world now. Those who like Pokémon, and those who don't.

If your mind isn't blown by the knowledge that your normal every day surroundings are now home to pocket monsters of all shapes and sizes, what exactly did your idea of the future look like?

Local landmarks and points of interest - shops, statues, places of worship - also double as pokestops for supplies, and gyms where you can train Pokémon for battle.

These appear to be pretty arbitrarily chosen, as the Holocaust Museum and Westboro Baptist Church have found out.

The game has been available in the UK for the past week through patches or fooling the Apple app store into thinking you're in a different location, and intrepid British Pokémon trainers have wasted no time in going forth in their quests to catch 'em all.

Which has taken quite a few people in Plymouth to a gym on Princess Road. Which also happens to be a charming looking sex shop...

A member of staff told the Plymouth Herald that foot traffic has definitely been up in the last week because of people asking about Pokémon.

I have noticed it... There were a few people last week who came in and they were talking about it.

They came in and I didn't know what they were talking about, as I'm not really into games.

The Private Shop does not stock any Pokémon related products, in case you were wondering.

The app was finally officially released in the UK on Thursday morning.

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