Life is full of ups, downs and unexpected moments.

When life’s going swimmingly, it’s easy to forget how quickly things can change. A harrowingly honest Reddit thread has encouraged people to share their scariest moments. Reddit user spacexe asked:

What was your scariest 'A second later and I would've died' moment?

Immediately, the thread was flooded with terrifying responses, each more haunting than the last.

If we're being completely honest, we might sleep with our lights on tonight after reading some of these.

Firstly, Acridid12 had an extremely fortunate escape:

I was walking into a Miller's Outpost (tells you the time period) and the 'M' from the sign above the store fell down and hit me on the shoulder. It was a big glass sign.

One moment sooner and it hits my head. Because it drew blood, the store offered to give me any item I wanted so I wouldn't sue.

I chose an awful red cardigan. I was 16 and dumb.

Another user was almost kidnapped:

I can not confirm whether this would have been death however it would have changed my and my parent's lives like a death. I was about 6 or 7 and I went along with my mum to go train the new puppy we had.

The training ground was quite far away from home and I remember that it was a big field surrounded by a forest and a motorway on the side of it. I was told to stay in the car and play on my gameboy (back when they were a thing lol).

After an hour or so I got bored and I went to have a look at where my mum was with our puppy. The carpark was a little while from the training ground but I decided to walk towards her anyway.

In the meantime, an older man (30ish) starts talking to me and the naive little boy I was I talked back (regardless of all the times my mum told me to NOT TALK TO STRANGERS).

He convinced me I was going the wrong way and told me he would take me to my mum and puppy. We ended up by the motorway side and we were about to walk down the bank to the side of the motorway where his car was parked.

As I am about to disappear down the bank I hear the loudest scream of my name from my mum, I look back and feel the grip of the man tighten on my hand but I was just in time to get my hand out of his grip and run towards my mother.

My mum runs past me to see where this guy is but he had just got into his car and drove off. To this day I still imagine about the what if scenario and how close I was to being kidnapped and potentially killed.

Reddit user ethanlan narrowly escaped death:

Outside my college dorm my freshman year there was this 'stoop' that was half under the building, half out from under it. The building was 18 stories tall.

So I'm sitting out there sitting on the steps (not under the building) and I get up for no real reason and walk under the building.

As soon as I get under the building, a huge sheet of glass falls right where I was sitting. Some idiots where messing around on the 11th floor and knocked a 10x9 window pane out of its mooring.

User kimb0q told a story that’ll make you avoid elevators for a long while.

My friend and I were taking an elevator down to the cafeteria in our dorm in college. For some reason, we were arguing about something when the doors opened, so we hung back for a second.

Then the elevator dropped two floors with the doors open. I still hate getting in/out of elevators and I do a weird running start every time.

This happened in Canada and was an old building/elevator from before the 1950s. We were in the elevator when it dropped.

I was more terrified of the 'getting sliced in half' aspect than the drop.

Finallly, this is how janearcade cheated death.

About 30 years ago my family and I were driving up to Jasper, Alberta in the winter. There was a slow car in front of us, and an impatient one behind us who kept trying to pass.

Eventually, the car behind us did pass, on a blind corner and hit a logging truck head on. The slow car in front of us was also hit, but my dad managed to put us in the shoulder and not in the collision.

This was way before mobile phones, or anything like that. So I remember my dad and my older brother getting out and going over the other cars and talking with the truck driver.

It was this indescribable moment of total silence, and freezing cold and disbelief until the authories came (quite a bit later). I remember sitting in the backseat with my younger brothers wondering what the hell just happened.

HT Someecards

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