Piers Morgan thinks that Donald Trump is more famous than Jesus

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In case you weren’t aware, Piers Morgan is friends with Donald Trump, and he really wants you to know that.

He’s very happy to go on TV and talk about how he’s friends with Donald Trump, or gush in newspaper interviews about how he’s friends with Donald Trump.

He shared his latest column for The Daily Mail – guess who the column was about – and in his tweet made a rather bold proclamation.

President Trump is now the most famous person in history.

If he means the most famous person in the world right now - then the President of The United States is definitely a strong contender.

But in all of history?

Historian Greg Jenner - who is also the consultant for BBC's Horrible Histories - spoke up with a rather obvious name Morgan had forgotten (or thinks Trump is more famous than).

Other people offered other (living) contenders for someone more famous than Trump:

Jenner then went on to analyse the question with a bit more depth.

It's an interesting discussion.

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