Piers Morgan has warned Twitter users that he’ll block them if they send him pictures of him with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Morgan made the promise in a tweet in which he included an old image of him pictured with Maxwell, as well as images of him with four other now-disgraced celebrities, including Harvey Weinstein and Rolf Harris.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has faced criticism for being pictured with the convicted sex trafficker. Now, he has made his feelings on the historic images resurfacing on social media very clear.

In a tweet, Morgan wrote: “Now I’ve (again..) explained these pix, anyone who sends me them going forward to make some fatuous nonsensical ‘GOTCHA!’ point is getting blocked.

“You’ve been warned, so no tearful  ‘I was drunk, Piers, please forgive me!’ pleas for mercy if you ignore this directive.”

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On 29th December 2021, British socialite Maxwell was found guilty and convicted on five of six charges in a sex trafficking case, in which she was accused of trafficking underage girls for Jeffery Epstein to abuse.

Morgan explained to his critics in a previous tweet why he came to be pictured with Maxwell, explaining that the photo was taken at an event in 2013.

“To everyone gleefully sending me this photo: I met Ghislaine Maxwell at a book launch in New York in 2013.

“We spoke for 5 minutes about her father Bob who once owned the Daily Mirror. She seemed nice. Obviously, she’s a monster.

“Sadly, I’m not a psychic. Hope this helps.”

Maxwell, 60, is awaiting sentencing and is facing the prospect of spending up to 65 years behind bars.

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