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At this point, Piers Morgan is more known for his feuds with female celebrities than his TV or newspaper career.

There's his old pal Meghan Markle who ditched him when she seemingly came to her senses, then there's Adele, and on that (growing) list you can also find one Ms. Kim Kardashian.

Why does Piers Morgan have a feud with Kim Kardashian you might ask? Well, there have been a number of online insults hurled by Morgan in recent years - although it's not quite sure where his anger stems from.

In 2016 the pair had a war of words on Twitter when he offered to buy Kim some clothes to help her cover up.

She replied: "Never offer to buy a married woman clothes. That’s on some Ashley Madison type s**t."

Then in 2019 Piers called Kim 'pathetic' for her risqué photoshoots.

"I think it's pathetic. If I was in a room with Kim now, I'd say, 'Put it all away, you're a mum to three kids - it's embarrassing."

In 2020, he took aim at Kim on Twitter when she shared a series of snaps from her 40th birthday celebrations on a private island alongside her friends and family.

The photos sparked a bit of controversy due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

"This thread is so repulsive it makes me want to vomit. Not that we needed confirmation but what a spoiled, tone-deaf imbecile," he quoted tweeted.

One person responded: "Since you recently took your kids to the South of France, what is the difference? The pot and the kettle."

The British reporter has also previously made disrespectful comments about her and her sister Kylie Jenner’s appearance after the two appeared alongside Kendall Jenner in a photoshoot.

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Last year, the KarJenners released photos from their joint photoshoot for Kardashian’s fashion brand SKIMS, which was at the time launching a new line of women’s underwear for Valentine’s Day.

In the pictures the trio appeared in skimpy undergarments and the campaign was an instant hit among consumers and fans.

Many people couldn't help but praise how good the three sisters looked, but Morgan was not one of these individuals.

In his tweet, Morgan insinuated that Kendall looked significantly better than her other two sisters, writing: “If I were Kim & Kylie, I’d stop being photographed with Kendall.”

The TV host was quickly accused of being a bully and making unsolicited body-shaming comments.

"It’s so disturbing how this man thinks it’s his god given right to constantly comment on women and what they do with their bodies," wrote one person on Twitter.

"Ugh tired of men and their irrelevant opinions about female bodies," said another person.

In September 2021, Morgan weighed in on Kardashian again after Interview Magazine published their chat and photoshoot with her for their new 'American Dream' issue. Writing for the New York Post, Morgan decried the notion that Kardashian represented the 'American Dream.'

The journalist said: "The United States should be a country built around equality, fairness and meritocracy — and open to all.

"That’s certainly always been my belief, and I say that as someone who has benefited hugely from the American Dream ever since I first came to live and work here in 2006, ironically to judge a show called “America’s Got Talent.” But it turns out we were all wrong!

"The American Dream is apparently not about any of that at all. At least not according to Kim Kardashian, a woman devoid of any discernible talent whose entire career was founded on her participation in a lurid sex tape.

"She believes it’s about flashing her big ass in front of the American flag. I wish I were joking.But sadly, I’m not."

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