Playboy bunnies reveal disturbing details about 'unprotected orgies' with Hugh Hefner

Playboy bunnies reveal disturbing details about 'unprotected orgies' with Hugh Hefner
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner accused of rape on TV show

Former Playboy bunnies Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt have spoken about the disturbing unprotected orgies that they were forced to take part in with the magazine's infamous owner Hugh Hefner.

The pair recently appeared on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast and detailed the orgies that would often happen at the Playboy mansion between Hefner, who died in 2017 aged 91, and the various Bunnies.

On her first night, Marquardt revealed that she didn't want to have sex with Hefner but was prepared to watch him have intercourse with the other women.

However, the felt that she was pressured into it otherwise she wouldn't be invited back. She said: "I was still just gonna watch and then [one of the other Playmates] was like, ‘Aren’t you gonna go?’ It was like, ‘You need to go'. And I was like, I would rather not. And she’s like, ‘Well, then you probably won’t be invited back'.”

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"So then I was like, OK. And I’d seen what everybody else was doing, so I knew that this was, like, a 10-second thing. I mean, definitely no more than a minute.”

Madison, who actually dated Hefner, admitted that she had to mentally 'block out' a lot of the experiences she had in the mansion and would try to get sex "done as quick as possible."

They claim that many of these encounters were done without a condom, with Marquardt adding that she would try and go first to avoid the chance of catching an STI.

She said: "You were hoping everyone’s in the same situation, and there is a doctor on staff. You’re hoping everybody is being checked out, and everybody is being...I say this in quotes...‘monogamous’ to that relationship, but you don’t know. If there’s new girls coming up, which there often were, like, I just wanted to be first and be done. And I felt like that was the cleanest way."

Madison also claimed that Hefner would take nude photos of the women while they were intoxicated and became fearful of the "mountain of revenge porn" that he had at his disposal.

Madison was just 21 when she entered the Playboy mansion and began dating Hefner shortly afterwards. She detailed her traumatic experiences with the publishing mogul in her 2015 book Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny which included Hefner pressuring women into taking drugs like Quaaludes which he called "thigh openers."

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