Man’s comment on Pornhub goes viral as he ‘retires’ from the site after finding love

<p>The loved-up Pornhub user announced his ‘retirement’ from the site</p>

The loved-up Pornhub user announced his ‘retirement’ from the site


A man who decided to end his time browsing adult sites online has left a surprisingly touching farewell message.

The Pornhub user, who goes by the name Liljdub1, explained that he had finally found love and so no longer wanted to scroll the X-rated platform.

His emotional note appeared as a comment beneath a video on the pornography site (the substance of the video is not clear,) but has since gone viral on social media, with readers divided over its sentiment.

It read: "Boys, I am not here to watch, but to announce my retirement.

"I have officially found the one person that is right for me."

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It continued: "She is brilliant, beautiful, and loyal. Every day I wake up and realise how happy she makes me.

"The reason I am done watching porn is because it feels wrong, almost as if I am cheating.

"I hope one day you guys that are reading this find the same thing I have and I know you all will miss me and I will miss you."

He ended the post: "Liljdub signing off."

A screengrab of the message was shared on Twitter on Monday, and has since been liked more than 400,000 times and retweeted more than 68,000 times.

While some have praised the move – hailing Liljdub as a shining example to other partners – others argue that abstaining from porn is an unnecessary move in a relationship.

One Twitter user commented: “I want what the girl dating this guy has.”

Another wrote: “If only people actually had this thought process.”

And another added: “Wish my bf was like this. I hate that we normalise watching porn in relationships.”

However, one critic commented: “Idk i feel like abstaining from porn and all that while in a relationship isn’t a great option, it’s basically saying to your partner ‘okay now you’re responsible for all my sexual needs’ and that’s an unfair expectation to put on them.”

While others suggested that couples could enjoy adult content together as part of a loving relationship.

One person wrote that both they and their fiance watched porn and “we’ve never been stronger”.

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