Rachel McAdams shows off her armpit hair: "This is my body"

Rachel McAdams shows off her armpit hair: "This is my body"
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We're used to seeing celebrities in magazines being edited but refreshingly Rachel McAdams has showed off armpit hair in a new photoshoot where she requested the images not to be edited or messed around with Photoshop.

In an interview with Bustle, The Notebook and Mean Girlsstar made it clear she was all about displaying her natural beauty rather than being digitally tweaked.

"For Bustle’s photo shoot, she requested the images be edited as minimally as possible," a note in the article said.

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During the chat, the 44-year-old revealed her reasons why she asked for this.

“With this shoot, I’m wearing latex underwear. But I’ve had two children. This is my body, and I think that's so important to reflect back out to the world," McAdams told the publication.

“It’s OK to look your best and work at it and be healthy, but that’s different for everyone," she added.

In one of the photos from the shoot, the McAdams sporting a black corset with trousers to match is sitting on a red chair, with her arms open resting on the furniture with her armpit hair on display.

Another shot from the shoot shows the Game Night actor in a white dress where the hairs under her arm can be seen once more.

Meanwhile, McAdams revealed some self-care lessons she learned from her mother when she was younger - with some particular advice about shaving.

"Well, I’m going to give you the advice my — your mother — gave me," she started.

"‘Once you start, you can never stop', and I remember rolling my eyes about that, and thinking, ‘Ugh, that’s not the fun answer,’ but it’s so true."

“Life is long once, shaving is intense, but if you’re gonna go ahead with it anyway, watch the ankle bones, the shins."

“You’re gonna go to Bible camp and think it’s okay to shave without shaving cream, and it’s gonna be terrible.

McAdams added: “Always have shaving cream, and then if you want to stop shaving again one day, that’s okay, too."

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