The 7 best Photoshop battles of all time


Last week, piled issues of Der Tagesspiegel sparked a fierce photoshop battle on Reddit.

The winner was, probably, the scream version:

BoredPanda later crowned the photoshop among its greatest Photoshop battle winners in a roundup story.

So, in similar circumstances, we're doing a similar thing, perusing our annals for our greatest and funniest.

We hope you enjoy them:

1. Envious Elmo...

...made right:

2. A girl shrugging at a neo-nazi...

...made into a matador:

Picture: reddit/monsterZERO

3. Donald Trump's hated chin picture...

...made into a candle:

4. The Obama's planting a tree at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington...

Picture: Rex/Stutterstock

...made into a Western plotline:

Picture: reddit/wertrew1

5. Leonardo di Caprio chatting with a young fan...

...made into a deleted scene:

6. This cat with a skull pattern on his chest...

...made Harry Potter canon.

Picture: reddit/ThePhotoshopKid

7. Trump drinking water...

...made far more sinister:

HT BoredPanda

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