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In a rare example of the internet being put to good use, a woman has tracked down a man who worked in a refugee camp in the 1990s and bought her a bike out of the goodness of his heart.

Mevan Babbakar, 29, took to Twitter with the following request:

Hi internet, this is a longshot BUT I was a refugee for 5 yrs in the 90s and this man, who worked at a refugee camp near Zwolle in the Netherlands, out of the kindness of his own heart bought me a bike.

My five year old heart exploded with joy. I just want to know his name. Help?

The tweet caught on and a thread emerged in which Babbakar made some progress in her bid to say thank you.

There were a series of dead ends despite thousands of retweets but eventually, the man was located and contact was made with his family.

At the conclusion of the tale, our heroes were reunited and posed for a picture together because the internet isn’t all trolls and conspiracy theories even if it might often seem that way.

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