Billionaire Richard Branson said he believes 'stuff' doesn’t bring happiness and Jeremy Corbyn responded perfectly

Richard Branson is really rich. Like, seriously, richer than pretty much everyone you’ll ever meet, combined.

There are estimates that the Virgin founder is currently worth around $4billion. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, he’s the 34th richest person in the UK. He’s got so much money he’s even branching out into space travel because, really, why not?

Though Branson doesn’t seem to think much of his wealth. The mogul sent out a tweet saying that “stuff” does not bring happiness. He said that friends, family and “making a positive difference” is what “really matters”.

While there’s not exactly anything new about the idea that money doesn’t bring a person happiness, a billionaire pointing this out does leave a certain bitter taste in the mouth.

One person to call Branson out was opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader sent out a tweet asking Branson to make good on his word and return money to the NHS which was won by Virgin in a 2017 lawsuit.

In 2017, the NHS was forced to pay out an undisclosed settlement after it was sued by Virgin Care, part of Branson’s business empire.

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between the two men. In 2016, the pair were embroiled in a dispute after Corbyn released a video of a “packed” Virgin train, only for CCTV to emerge which appeared to show Corbyn sitting in a somewhat empty carriage. A back-and-forth quickly ensued with both parties denying any wrongdoing and insisting on the veracity of their stories.

On Twitter, people thought Corbyn’s retort was hilarious. The reaction GIFs soon came flooding in.

While others said that, while money might not be everything, they certainly don’t need a billionaire pointing that out to them.

Ouch. Perhaps Virgin Care can tend to these burns?

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